Abdullah Al Azad

Explorer of Possibilities.

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Hey there! I'm


Founder & Managing Director, Kueens.

Teacher | Designer | Marketer

Let me introduce myself. I'm a cheerful tech lover who's originally from Chattagram and has spent most of my life in bustling Dhaka. It all started back in school when I began experimenting with websites. During high school, my friends and I even tried our hand at creating a social website, friendsi.net. While it was an enjoyable experience, we couldn't sustain it due to technical complications and limited funds.

Now, I've ventured into more significant endeavors. I'm currently the proud owner of Kueens.xyz, an online ecommerce platform. I consider myself a regular guy, just like you, but what truly distinguishes me is my dedication to making technology and the internet more enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

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